Lake Country – Exquisite Expedition

Hop in and let’s head north into the fascinating views of lake country as we cruise through vineyards and back country that roll on forever! Just a short drive from YLW, Lake country wineries have some of the most popular and sought after wines and bistros around the world. In addition to the fabulous wines, the facilities themselves are simply breathtaking!

Lake country wineries gives a lot of credit to their specific location, as it has been said that the 50th parallel Latitudinal line that passes directly through lake country itself, is a direct representation to the quality of grapes that are grown in the area based on the maximum amount of sunlight that the 50th parallel gives off.

This is a world class tour from start to finish. The wineries are breathtaking, the people are amazing, the wines themselves are elegant, and the bistros are pristine. The perfect tour, with all the ingredients to make some POUR DECISIONS!

Half Day Tour:

Full Day Tour:

Additionally, all tours include a knowledgable and fun tour guide and complimentary bottled water on board. We’ll even let you have the AUX cord while we drive!

Lunch costs not included.

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Potential wineries include: 

  • Arrowleaf Cellars
  • Gray Monk Winery
  • Ex Nihilo Vineyards
  • 50th parallel Estate Winery
  • Orourkes Peak Cellars
  • Blind Tiger Vineyards
  • Intrigue wines
  • Ancient Hill Winery