Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 protocol 

   Safety is our number one concern, which is why we take great care in providing you with the most comfortable experience. Face masks and hand sanitizer are provided on the bus for all our guests to use at their discretion. As well as all government protocol followed without question. 

How can I contact you?

By phone: 250-826-3142

By email:

What is the cancellation fee?

   more than 4 days away is 100% refund

   4 days or less is 0% refund 

Can I pick and choose what wineries we go to? 

   While requests are welcomed and we will do our very best to achieve your wishes, we cannot guarantee all request’s will be met due to the high volume of business during the tour season. However, checkout our surprise me option and speak to a professional about planning a completely personalized tour for you! 

Can I bring alcohol on the bus?

   Alcohol is NOT permitted on our tour buses as it is illegal to have open drinks on a motor vehicle in British Columbia. We ask that you enjoy your pour decisions at our lovely destinations!

How do we pay?

We accept Cash, Etransfer and charge through our square chip option

How many people are required to book a trip?

 We require minimum bookings of 4 in order to run a tour.

Do you accept solo riders? or groups of 2 or 3?

We would love to fulfil everyones needs. If a group of less than 4 want to book, we will do our best to add you to an already booked group in order to keep it economical for everyone.

What group sizes can you carry?

   Up to 16 people can fit on our Pour Decisions wagon of fun!

Is lunch included?

   Lunch fees are excluded in the price of the tour. However, on our full day expeditions we do take the luxury of reserving you a table at any one of our remarkable winery bistros! 

Is the tasting fee included?

   All tasting fees are included in the tour price! Our one exception for this is the District wine village tour. On this tour you are free to roam the facility at your own desire! the price of this tour reflects this. 

What are the tour times?

Tours vary depending on locations, however a general timeframe is within 10am-5pm

What type of vehicle will I be riding in?

   We currently are operating with a 2000 ford f-450 ecoline bus

Rain or shine? Snow or sun? 

   If you book a go on that tour! Lucky, in the Okanagan we have a multitude of options for tours rain or shine, and most of the tasting rooms are in doors! See the Okanagan in all its beauty